American Western Cigar Company... home of the Rum Runner® Caribbean Cigar, Island Collection® Cigars & the El Rey® brand!

Our premium hand rolled, flavored cigars are made using Sumatran and Indonesian tobaccos and premium flavoring. We sell our tobacco products directly to licensed tobacco resellers.  American Western Cigar Co. is the importer and trademark holder of the Rum Runner, West Indies, Island Amaretto, and Island Collection brands.

Our logo'd apparel, empty cigar boxes, and various logo'd merchandise are available directly to our customers via our website or by calling our Toll-free number (800) 870 - 3128. However, we do not sell our tobacco products via the internet. Just click on our "Buy Cigars!" link to obtain a partial list of Retailers and Catalogue partners who sell directly to the consumer. Feel free to place any non-tobacco order with us directly by calling our Corporate Office at (800) 870 - 3128.

Retailers and Distributors, please feel free to contact our Corporate Office directly at (800) 870 - 3128 to inquire about our products, pricing, and becoming a partner in the distribution of our products. Click here to obtain our New Account Setup Form and follow the instructions to set up your account within 2 business days!

We look forward to serving you and celebrating our 10-Year Anniversary in 2007!


Diane H. Powers, Marketing/Operations Manager