Treasure has Been Found!

Rum Runner Caribbean Cigar®Pirate Treasure Chest!


Launch of New Product to Celebrate Our 10-Year Anniversary!

CINCINNATI, OHIO  USA – May 29, 2007 - Aye, matey!  The treasure has been found and it’s in the Rum Runner Caribbean Cigar® Pirate Treasure Chest! 

The heavy wooden chest is sure to weather many a storm while the rum sweetness combined with a fine blend of tobaccos of the Rum Runner cigars ensure your smoking pleasure.  Enjoy twenty-five (25) of our most popular 7 x 42 size Rum Runner® Pirate cigars.  These hand-rolled, 100% natural tobacco cigars are imported from the “spice islands” of Indonesia and are just the thing when you want something different.  Introduced this summer to celebrate our 10-Year Anniversary.  It makes it a great gift any time of the year!

Additional sizes of Rum Runner cigars are available in Buccaneer (4.75 x 42), Wench (4.5 x 36), Treasure (3-5/8 x 20), Pirate (7 x 42), Canon (7 x 50), and Cruzer (6 x 48) and come in standard wood cigar boxes.  Be sure to try our Vanilla West Indies®, Island Amaretto, and Island Collection® hand-rolled cigars as well! 

“Just the right size with just the right flavor…a bounty for your taste buds!”

American Western will only sell to retailers and wholesalers with a valid tobacco license.   No sales to minors at ANY time.  American Western only sells high quality cigars and does NOT sell any type of cigarette.